paint sander

  • 6L Nano Rod Pin Sander

    Sealing method: lip seal, single seal and double mechanical seal. Shaft seals are made of different materials in various styles. The solvents melting with the materials are used as mechanical seal coolant to eliminate the pollution of the materials. Pressure automatic protection device ensures pressure stability in grinding chamber. Full-range electrical automatic protection, explosion-proof motor and anti-static V-type transmission belt, more secure.

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  • 12L Laboratory Basket Sander

    Le Chi basket grinder is very suitable for cattle production of many batches and less batches of paint and color paste. The minimum fineness can reach 2um. Technological superiority

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  • 30L-200L Disc Sander

    The selection of grinding and dispersing equipment is the premise of realizing high efficiency of grinding. There are two original prototypes of grinding machine: traditional horizontal rolling ball mill and vertical agitating ball mill. Both grinding and dispersing equipment are widely used. But their structure and performance are different, so they are applied in different fields. Even in the same field, their grinding and dispersing effects are different. Therefore, only by understanding the respective characteristics of horizontal and vertical grinders, can we better choose the type of grinder.

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