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  • Stainless Steel Sander

     Combines the advantages of all horizontal sanders, the finest grinding, the narrowest particle distribution.  Sealing method: lip seal, single machine seal, double mechanical seal, shaft seal has many styles made of different materials. The solvent is blended with the material to mechanically seal the coolant, which eliminates the contamination of the material.  Automatic pressure protection device ensures stable pressure in the grinding chamber. All-round electrical automatic protection, explosion-proof motor and anti-static V-type transmission belt are more secure.

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  • 90L-200L Nano Turbine Sander

    characteristic Nano sand mill, circulating grinding system is suitable for all fields, it is suitable for all viscosities and almost all products, the smallest grinding beads can be used up to 0.1mm in diameter, can successfully reach the highest yield and enter the nanometer fineness range quickly and successfully. The minimum fineness can reach D97<100nm. Technical advantages  Shorter and larger diameter grinding chamber can reduce the flow inertia force  longer and larger diameter separation system  High flow rate ensures efficient cycle operation mode  High energy grinding system, high strength, high force  Small-size machines of the same speed can reduce material loss during refueling Advantages of large flow circulation grinding Simple process control Circulating grinding process continues until quality requirements are met You can control the low material temperature because the material temperature rises lower than the pass type In addition, a cooling exchange system can be added to pipes and material tanks.  one or more passes, with higher yield

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  • 90L Nano Rod Pin Sander

     All imported oil-impregnated bearings and mechanical seals greatly improve equipment reliability and trouble-free travel time. The unique three-bar linkage mechanism of the smith is easy to disassemble and clean, and the advanced double-screw internal cooling water channel effectively reduces the working temperature of the equipment, which is especially suitable for heat sensitive materials.  High-precision gap adjustable kinetic energy separation device, which can be adjusted according to customer needs.

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